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Hey, I'm really ill -__- I've had really high fever for a week, and all I do is stay in bed and feel like shit. I have a lung infection (can't be bothered to find the right name for it at the moment) and I cough like crazy ;__; the medicin the doctor gave me is not working, so I'll have to visit the doctor again tomorrow :(
I really don't have the time to be ill. I'm really behind in school and I had hoped to be done with all the commissions by now. I'm so sorry. I feel like life hates me :(
I also have to attend this con in Denmark this weekend, and I already paid the ticket, and I'm so afraid I can't make it.
Everything sucks at the moment. /goes back to dying.

(this post is uploaded with my phone - I hope it works)


[fanart] random usuk doodles + j-pop con!

Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG
Warning: Random and very messy doodles (as in I spent 2 min max on each doodle)!! silly faces, kind of crack-ish I guess...
Summery:  Messy doodles
Notes: It's been so long since I've been doodling random stuff... so yeah, that's what I did. XDDD Lots of silly expressions :P And I just felt like posting something, since it's been so long since I last did it >< Curse you uni!


Random jazzCollapse )


Commissions update!

Heya. Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about the commissions some of you bought! I've just been so busy and lately I've been having troubles with my tablet D: When I get it to work properly I'll start colouring... I already did some sketches on paper. So please bear with me.

/goes to bed... god I'm tired orz

[Fanart] usuk porn...

Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating:    NC-17
Warning: Nudity, sexual theme/porn, England's cock, Bunny!England, Fox!America, piercings, slight crossdressing... I warned you...
Summery: Well, Fox!America and Bunny!England are having some alone-time XDD
Notes:>/////< O-okay, this is, erm, well porn. I've never drawn anything so explicit before coughengland'scockcough. I blame it all on abutterfish (Butterfish) she bribed me with brunch and stuff, saying that I had to start drawing cocks, so I could illustrate the dirty scenes in her fics >< Sooo, being the good friend that I am, I did practise. And this is the result - my first explicit drawing... I'm used to drawing dodgy poses but never cocks OTL.
It's bunny!england and fox!america because me and Butterfish are working (kind of slowly) on a project involving them, and I felt like drawing them.
I AM STILL OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS and right now I'm working on some of them :) So I haven't forgotten about them :D Don't worry. This drawing has just been lying around, and I thought I would post it as a "in-between" thing :P


The internet is for poooornCollapse )

Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG
Warning: Hercules!America, Meg!England, crossdressing, Disney-crossover.
Summery: Hercules!America and Meg!England are meeting each other for the first time (here's the place: link)
Notes: This is a commission I did for arakni666 <3 She requested a sketch of a AmericaxEngland crossover with Disney's Hercules 8D The funny thing is, I've been planning to do a Hercules crossover ever since I started doing the Tarzan crossover lol So I was very thrilled to be able to draw it XDDD arakni666 wanted me to draw the scene where they first meet! I love that scene sooo much! Hercules is so cute and awkward and Meg is being all sexy and sarcastic XDDD I think it fits America and England quite well! I might turn it into a comic at some point if I get the time...
I AM STILL OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS - be a dear and help me out ;w; I really need some money -__-


So, did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?Collapse )


Okay, as some of you guys might know, I am seriously broke! I need help to pay my rent, or else I’m screwed. So yeah, please help me? Some people on livejournal expressed interest in my opening up for commissions, and since I don't anything to lose, why not? So yeah, I’m opening up for commissions! 8D  

Here’s the deal - Commissions info (warning, some of the examples contain boyxboy (nothing explicit!) :


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[Fanart] USUK Lapdance - Keep Out

Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG-15? (I don't think it's bad, but some might will?)
Warning: Police!England, lapdance, slight crossdressing (lol all my posts always seem to have crossdressing as a warning OTL)
Summery: Police!England decides to give America a lapdance... 
Notes:Okay, this is actually drawn because of a documentary I watched here the other day. It was about lapdancing in the UK. Apparently it's a big problem! Lapdancing clubs open up everywhere and they don't follow the rules. They touch the costumer, masturbates, and sometimes they even offer sex afterwards.... so yeah, I kind of had to draw England giving America an illegal lapdance lol Btw, America is in despair, not because he doesn't like it, but because they are getting caught XDDD Btw, don't mind the stupid background - I had no idea what to draw ><


Finding love in a lap-dance 8D Collapse )
Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG?
Warning: Tarzan!America, Jane!England, crossdressing, Disney-crossover, messy sketches.
Summery: Tarzan!America and Jane!England are going to England (here's the place: link)
Notes: Sorry about the crappy sketches... lol I like how they get worse at the end when I realise I really should sleep. I have fist day at Uni tomorrow D: I personally really like this scene because Jane is so cute and Tarzan says such adorable things without realising it.


Oh Alfred...Collapse )
Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: Tarzan!America, Jane!England, crossdressing, Disney-crossover, nudity, loincloth, messy colouring+ lineart and I can't draw backgrounds 8D
Summery: Tarzan!America and Jane!England are tree-surfing... it's kind of from the scene in the Disney Film where they are chased by the baboons. (here's the place: link)
Notes: I am very sorry for not having posted any moreTarzan USUK crossover stuff till now. But I've been very busy... so yeah. Hope you like this fast drawing <3

Tree-surfing!Collapse )

[Fanart] USUK comic Tarzan crossover

Artist: clarex_ama 
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: Tarzan!America, Jane!England, crossdressing, Disney-crossover, nudity, loincloth, kissing, messy colouring+ lineart, Image-heavy.
Summery: A USUK version of this scene from Disney's Tarzan film.
Notes: I-I just can't help but love drawing this crossover stuff - I'm sorry ;__; And WHY did I decide to colour the whole bloody comic? OTL And the colouring is even bad and messy. Oh, well, I still loved drawing it. Btw, Jane is so cute! Seriously, I think she is one of my favourite Disney girls <3

I suppose we should say goodbye... Collapse )