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Fiction is just another reality...

22 December 1990
Oi oi

I can't say I use my personal journal much, but I do post stuff at different communities etc. so that's where you'll usually find me :P
If you want to stalk me (lol) you can do it here on lj I guess, or on deviantart (I'm called clarex-ama there as well), or tumblr (clara-a) :)

I guess I mainly use lj for Hetalia (USUK). I used to be really into Harry Potter as well :) I still love and adore the books and films though, but I'm not really a part of the fandom any more.

Apart from that I love acting, drawing, writing, reading etc etc. But yeah, enough about me (I'm not that interesting after all haha).
Feel free to ask me a question or anything really :)